Posted on: May 29th, 2024


This unit is responsible for diagnosis of most parasitic organisms in urine, stool and blood. For malaria diagnosis both rapid and conventional test methods are applied. Other test done in this unit include Bence Jones proteins and occult blood in stool.


This unit has the culture and sensitivity, serological test which employ highly sensitive kits aimed at target decision making by the clinicians. Other serological tests done in this include Rubella serology, toxoplasma serology and Rheumatoid Factor.


Haematology unit is responsible for analysing samples of patients requested by clinicians such as; full blood picture(FBP) in anaemic patients to find out the cause of anaemia, Erythrocyte segmentation rate (ESR), Sicking test, and other test for blood related diseases including blood cancers whereas, blood Transfusion unit deals with pre and post donation  counselling of blood donors. The section also deals with screening of all internally donated blood for HIV, Hepatitis B and C and syphilis from relatives of patients who are undergo elective operations in the hospital. Furthermore, this section is the one responsible for issuing safe and screened blood to all patients in need for blood within the hospital. Haematology unit is equipped with two main analyser


This units have fully automated machines of analysing both immunological, hormonal assays, metabolic test cardiae enzymes each of these machines has the capability of testing 1,200 sample per hour.