Head of Department: Salum Abdulwahid Ally

Phone: +255712500107

Email: salum.ally2@afya.go.tz

The department has IT infrastructure that supports all hospital functions. It has a computer network system that covers the whole of the Hospital’s area. Interlink between buildings is through fibre optic to make sure that speed is not compromised. With this network infrastructure, comes over 60 computers that are attached to it.

The hospital functions are run through the integrated Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) application called GoTHOMIS was implemented in 2017, a project which took two years to be completed. Currently, all hospital functions from patients’ registration to discharge, finance, supplies, laboratory, pharmacy, etc are run through GoTHOMIS system. The telephone unit is tasked to overseeing internal and external telecommunications. Currently, we have state of the art telephone system with over 50 internal telephone extensions and 16 trunk lines. The department is supported by 2 employees.