Head of Department: Dr.Mufida Msimbwa



The Department has five sections, these are:- 

  • General Pediatrics Unit
  • Neonatal Unit

Department Profile

The department of Pediatrics has a total of 2 units namely: General pediatrics unit, and Neonatal unit.

General Pediatrics Unit

The general paediatrics unit has two wards namely WD1 and WD2. These two wards admit patients with a variety of diseases including respiratory diseases e.g. pneumonias, cardiovascular diseases e.g. congenital heart diseases, genitourinary diseases such as nephrosis/nephritis, UTI and other diseases such as malaria and anemia.

Neonatal Unit

The unit cares newborn babies of up to 28 days of life. Babies are kept in special rooms depending on the diagnosis or underlying problem and the rooms are provided with necessary equipment depending on the needs, e.g. incubators, resuscitation equipment etc.

Each unit runs an outpatient clinic to follow up patients. Patients attending outpatient clinic include those discharged from the wards with and new patients referred from other centres but did not need admission.

These are patients with chronic or long standing medical problems include CNS disorders e.g. cerebral palsy, renal diseases e.g. nephotic syndrome, HIV infection, children with severe malnutrition, persistent or chronic diarrhea, malabsorption syndromes and other GI disorders, etc. Outpatient clinic is run on a daily basis.

In each of the pediatric wards, ward rounds are conducted on a daily basis by resident and specialist. This includes weekends and public holidays. Major ward rounds are done twice a week by specialists along with the other junior doctors. The department is involved in training doctors and Nurse Students and from time to time ,elective students when available from different countries

Staff profile

The Department has a total of 27 employees comprising of 1 specialist, 4 doctors and 12 other staffs.


The department believes that every human being is an individual with unique needs, and problems which must be addressed individually irrespective of race, age, educational status, religion, political or social status.

Objectives of the department

  • To provide quality services to all patients admitted to the department and identify patients at high risk and act promptly.
  • Prevent and manage pediatric complications so as to reduce neonatal morbidity and mortality rate.
  • To provide practical oriented clinical teaching to students and staff as continuing education.
  • To conduct evidence based clinical research.


In summary, the functions of the department:

  • To provide effective, efficiency and high quality specialist pediatric services to patients
  • To provide safe and high standard pediatric services
  • To conduct on job training in various programs on safe, feasible and sustainable pediatric procedure
  • To conduct quality operational and scientific research.
  • Attending to all emergencies brought in
  • Consultations to either referred or self-referred patients and to those coming for follow up.
  • Interdepartmental consultations
  • Teaching to medical students, nurse students and visiting foreign students
  • To conduct out rich services within the region.
  • To conduct coaching and mentorship to the lower level facilities so as to improve surgical services in the region.

Clinics in the Department

Clinic Type


Pediatric  and child health Clinic

Mondays to Saturday